Self Employed Owner Driver Jobs: Owner Driver Jobs – How To Make $300 A Day As A Freelance Courier Driver

Monday, March 29, 2010

Owner Driver Jobs – How To Make $300 A Day As A Freelance Courier Driver

Work as an owner driver and make over $300 a day in the UK, USA, and many other places. In these hard economic times, getting a job is like pulling teeth, but if you can still earn money if you were abit creative and able to use the resources you already have. If you own a truck or a van for example, you could get subcontracted or leased by major courier services to offer your own car to run errands for them; and then you can bill them per mileage. This has worked for so many people that most people that are unemployed as now becoming self employed as owner driver freelance couriers. Find out how you too can earn money with an owner driver job.

You need a van

To get some of the owner driver jobs, you will need to be prepared with all that it takes to attract the interest of big courier companies. You will obviously need a van to be able to transport what is assigned to you. A van is most preferred due to the fact that it is made for haulage and has enough space to carry more than a ton of goods in one go. You may offer to even brand your van in the logo and colors of the company subcontracting you for the job. Be sure to use removable banner stickers since you may be have to work for several companies just to make sure you are fully occupied all year round.

Get some Insurance

You will have to get a comprehensive insurance coverage for your car so as to be sure that you are going to be paid incase of an accident. Remember you will be on the road for most of the times and this makes the probability of having a road accident higher. So get covered with an insurance policy that is reputable and pays its claims on time. Like most transport services, the owner driver jobs are not without their small risks; but so is everything else in life.

As the owner operator, you will also need some good insurance cover to make sure that you are well covered since this work will involve being on the road for long.

Write some Business Proposals to courier companies

You may need to practice writing a business proposal for the companies you are intending to approach for owner driver jobs. Despite the fact that you will be doing a self employed service, you will still need to write an introductory letter to these companies telling them what kind of services you are willing to offer as a driver owner operator.

You may not get the owner driver job instantaneously but the fact that the company has your letter of introduction or business proposal, they are more likely to call you up when they have too much work on their hands. All companies have to outsource some services once in a while and this is where you will be able to get your owner driver job easily.

In your business proposal be sure to include your rates per mileage. This is the cost you are willing to charge the courier company as the driver owner courier, when they use your van and these fees should be reflected in a manner that is logical and summative. This will help these courier companies to see if your costs are reasonable or not and may be able to win you that sub-contract very fast.

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